A downloadable game for macOS

Controls: |Left Screen = WASD| |Right Screen = Arrow Keys|

A racing scenario that challenges the ideas of driving while intoxicated and the long term effects of the player's choices.

In this 3D take on a classic arcade game, the players use the specialized characters to race to the finish.

In the midst of college spring break, two students decide to call it a night from partying and leave for their homes. In one car is someone nicknamed "Straight-Edge" by his friends. Straight-Edge is your typical college student, pulling all nighters to help his grades and taking his mother's advice to steer clear from drinking and driving. On the other hand there's "DWI", the iconic party frat-boy that loves any drinks, girls, or party that comes his way. They unknowingly enter a competitive race to reach home before curfew first, but they must be careful, for whoever crashes first loses it all.

While creating this game, I'm striving to make something that people will have fun playing it, but it also incorporates a deep, almost dark undertone that my creative style features.


MarioKartGameBUILD8.zip 17 MB

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