A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Game Title: Never World

Hook: A Carnival Competition That Will Define Your Legacy!

Designer Name: Jesse Von Paratore

Story Summary Paragraph: Come one! Come all! Welcome back to Never World, the family friendly carnival that is making a final comeback! Join our favorite carnies in a final round of games before this place of joy is shut down for good.

Personal Designer Journey Paragraph: This is the final project I am making while enrolled at New York Film Academy. I was asked to try and make a different game from my other pieces, as none of my other projects qualified as a "game". My style is narrative driven games, but I was told to make a match 3 style game with my own twist. I have settled with the idea of making carnival inspired game to meet the requirements of this project. However, with this handicap, I experimented with making a game people will enjoy playing with friends, thus creating a competitive best of three system.

Install instructions

Only Play In 1920x1080 Framing. Thanks!


NeverWorldBuild20.zip 27 MB
NeverWorldWindows3.exe.zip 7 MB


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LEANNE...the bearded lady :3