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"Insight into the world of a recovering drug addict."

Designer Name:

Jesse Von Paratore

Story Summary:

Ronnie is a rockstar who lost it all. He takes action into his own hands while he is locked in a recovery facility, fighting to better himself and change his ways in the only ways he knows how.

Personal Designer Journey Paragraph:

In this game, I wanted to address a well known, yet unaddressed or mocked topic. Celebrities who fall victim to drug addiction and struggle to rebuild their life and following. I decided that the best way to do that is to place players into their shoes.

Refinement Journey Description:

In the original version of this game, I laid out the basics of what I wanted this game to become in the future. Due to the actual dev time being 4-5 days, I was only able to lay out the framework for a tutorial level and a vague introduction into the story I plan to take the players through.

In the revise of this project, lasting just shy of two weeks, I decided to not add much more. Instead, I spent my development time polishing and perfecting the foundation for my game. The mechanics were changed until they matched my initial design. I was able to add small narrative pieces into the level to make the player's mind start to assume what will happen in the future of the game. I also focused on perfecting the look and overall feel of the game, adding camera effects and small ambient sounds to set the mood I wanted. With these changes, I have a polished single level I hope to build on in the future on my own time without the crunch from timed game jams.


DearRonnieRevise8.zip 58 MB

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